Integrations - Vetting


This document explains the process that we follow in order to perform vetting against Developer Partner integrations with the ThreatConnect Platform.

Vetting Process

Once an integration is considered completed by a Developer Partner and all deliverables are available, this integration is submitted to the ThreatConnect Solutions Engineer for vetting. Vetting does not replace standard quality assurance practices which remain the responsibility of the Partner. The vetting peformed by the ThreatConnect Solutions Engineer may include:

  • A review of the integration architecture and implementation

  • A review of the quality assurance plan executed by the Partner against the integration

  • Limited functional testing of any deliverables (playbooks, apps, documentation)

While we make efforts to clearly communicate desires up-front, the output of our vetting may be recommendations for changes to the integration. We ask for flexibility in working with us to ensure that each integration provides mutual benefit to both organizations.